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December 06, 2021

Everyone wants a clean and healthy environment to live and work. At residential levels, we can work simply using the household cleaning tools available. However, when it comes to industrial cleaning; that need cleaning equipment. At that time, people look for cleaning equipment manufacturer or supplier who can give them the best cleaning equipment that are durable, reliable and long lasting. If you are looking for such a company, Nilkamal is the point of contact.

Nilkamal’s Cleaning Assistant-

Nilkamal is professional material handling and manufacturing company that is working successfully since inception. We are committed to our vision and mission, standards and work ethics. We provide cleaning equipment that assist in making the environment neat and clean.

The way cleaning equipment is used has changed throughout time. Robots have replaced tools in the cleaning sector, and technology is now a top emphasis. As a result of these advancements, various inventions have emerged that have proven indispensable in commercial cleaning.

Why use cleaning equipment?

Cleaning equipment are meant for heavy duty working at industrial and commercial places. These reduce human efforts and are labor-saving devices. There are few reasons of choosing cleaning equipment and they are-

  • Reduces human efforts
  • Cleans the area quickly
  • Increases productivity
  • Occupant wellness
  • Reduces illness

Nilkamal’s Product Range-

Currently, we offer the following cleaning equipment and they are-

  • Walk behind Sweeper(NK-WSW8003500)
  • Ride on Sweeper(NK-SSW140010000)
  • Walk behind Scrubber with Electric Cord (NK-ESC7702100ET)
  • Walk behind Scrubber with Transparent Top(NKWSC7702200A3)
  • Ride on Scrubber(NK-SSC5302700)
  • Ride on Scrubber(NK-SSC8605500)
  • Walk behind Floor Sweeper Scrubber- Sweeper & Scrubber(NK-WSCSW5302200)
  • Wey & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • High Pressure Washer

The entire machine is suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning. These equipment are easy to operate and maintain. The sectors like education, healthcare, retail and hospitality uses it. Every equipment comes with their own special feature and works accordingly. The equipment are electronic and needs timely charging.

Why choose us for cleaning equipment?

There are many reasons behind using Nilkamal floor cleaning machinery and some of them are listed below-

  • Equipment created professionally -The entire products are created by professional experts keeping in mind the current needs of cleaning. The products are specially designed that ensure easy working and simple yet result-oriented working.
  • Fast-handling Brushes – The cleaning equipment comes with fast-handling brush head that ca be installed and removed quickly.
  • Suction Motor– We have installed the best and finest quality suction motors that are sound-absorbing and safer to use.
  • Side Brushes – The floor cleaning equipment comes with side brushes that are suitable for cleaning the corners easily.
  • Customer Support– We are available to assist you at every step.

Holistically, Nilkamal is your one-stop shop for all your cleaning requirements. If you want to buy any of the cleaning product, you can contact us today!



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