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December 06, 2021

You must have seen these kinds of fans at airports, factories, industrial plants and manufacturing units. But have you wondered why are they used instead of the traditional fans? This article is focused on answering that very question of yours.


The inspiration for a huge ceiling fan that runs at a low pace and can circulate a significant volume of air, actually came from a necessity. It was late 90s when a certain farmer came upto a local fan maker and said that his cattle couldn’t produce milk if the climate got too hot. Thus, the fan maker came up with an idea to make a oversized industrial fan that could keep the livestock cool. This how the first High Volume Low speed fan was manufactured.


According to various studies, HVLS fans are incorporated because they provide a comforting movement and flow of air. This is essential to the productivity of working individuals in a factory, industry or a warehouse. The study implied that a hot and humid environment can drastically decrease the gross productivity of all the employees and workers, and it stated that the  ideally recommended temperature should be maintained in the range of 20 to 24 degree Celsius.


How does a High Volume Low Speed Fan work?

HVLS fans make use of their bulk to blow a vast volume of air. The wind created by HVLS fans decreases the effective temperature by 13 degrees. They circulate a lot of air, which helps to break down the moisture-saturated border surrounding the body. This accelerates the body's natural perspiration, resulting in a cooling effect. As they spin, HVLS ceiling fans create a big column of air, which propels air down and along the bottom. As even more air is driven towards to the flooring, it flows ahead until it hits a sidewall and then returns upward, causing an airflow cycle. This airflow also has a favourable impact on lowering humidity, which ordinary industrial fans or blowers do not have.

Nilkamal’s High Volume Low speed HVLS Fans

Large Ceiling Fans: Nilkamal’s Low Volume, High Speed large Ceiling fans assist to control temperature by covering a vast area while consuming little energy. The fan is made up of multiple Motor brackets that keep any loose pieces from sliding off. It has an anti-off-plate break-off safeguard that protects the safety and tensile strength of the ceiling. Tensile blades made of aluminium magnesium alloy provide better quality, strength, and toughness. It also has a wire rope traction mechanism for motor stability and an automatic power-off safeguard.

Long Range Mobile Fans: Nilkamal’s Long Range, High Volume Mobile fans can be readily relocated about the space, and their long blades cover large areas while maintaining temperature with minimal energy use. These fans are suitable for usage in factories, warehouses, retail malls, schools, cafeterias, auditoriums, cinema halls, and temples. It weighs around 216 kg and revolves at a speed of 186 RPM.

Breeze By Nilkamal- Elegant Range Of HVLS FansThe Nilkamal Breeze HVLS Fans may be used both indoors and outdoors. High Volume Low Speed Ceiling Fans help to control temperature by covering a vast area while consuming less energy. To tell you more, it features a Fluorocarbon-treated surface for a modern and attractive appearance, as well as a unique blade design with a broad angle to optimise air volume and coverage. The Nilkamal Breeze brand of HVLS fans is a step up from the company's flagship line of Large HVLS Ceiling fans. These have improved aesthetics and may be employed in commercial areas and businesses. Stylish seamed edge design with smooth and round transitions, as well as a "Meteor" inspired winglet design that resembles a meteor with a trailing tail.


Advantages of a HVLS fan over the usage of normal fans

Nilkamal’s HVLS fans are made up of permanent magnetic motor. A regular fan houses a Gear Box Variable motor which when compared to a permanent magnet motor has a lot of shortcomings and has inferior specifications. HVLS fans can help increase productivity by making the work environment cooler and let tiring. They cover a larger area, when compared to normal fans that would require multiple fans to cover the whole area, thus decreasing the net power consumption. HVLS fans are characterized with high air flow volume and low noise, two other things that are of major importance at a workplace.





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