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August 11, 2021

The ongoing pandemic has increased the demand for Cleaning Equipment. Hygiene is a lot more than just basic cleanliness. It doesn't matter how things worked before the year 2020, now the world needs the best industrial cleaning equipment that sanitizes every corner of a building. Those buildings can be anything from large warehouses and malls to cafeterias and classrooms.

Technological advancement has developed different types of machinery for cleaning different types of locations. To dig deep into this world, you first need to understand the use cases and operations of this equipment.

Why use Cleaning Equipment?

According to ISSA- International Sanitary Supply Association, effective cleaning contributes to occupant wellness, energy-saving, asset preservation, and reduced transmission of illness.

To sanitize large areas, you need automated cleaning equipment that saves time, productivity, labor, and cost. For example, a warehouse requires efficient equipment that can clean huge floors as fast as possible. As apparent, a regular mop won't be able to do all of this, so the question arises: What kind of cleaning equipment will get the job done?

What are the different types of Cleaning Equipment?

Automate cleaning equipment has taken many different forms. Each is unique in its functionality and operation. These are the types of equipment that are commercially used:


These are essentially vacuum cleaners with a rotatory brush attached to their front. They are ergonomically designed to suit their application. You can buy any of the following Nilkamal Material Handling sweepers, based on where you want to use them.

  1. Walk-Behind Sweeper

A walk-behind sweeper needs no introduction. It is as its name suggests. Nilkamal Material Handling offers dual rotary motorhead brushes in front of the machine for collecting garbage with efficiency. It works on any floor type from Marmoleum to textured stone floors. It is widely used across different industries. Some of its applications are Classroom, Cafeteria, Aisleways, Entryways, etc.

  1. Ride-on Sweeper

If a walk-behind sweeper is easy to use then ride-on sweepers are the ultimate automated cleaning equipment. It has the same functionality as any other sweeper but instead of walking behind it, you drive it like a vehicle. It is in fact a vehicle meant to be driven on long dirty floors. This kind of sweeper has higher efficiency.


Scrubbers and their types are somewhat the same as sweepers. The main difference is that while sweepers are dry cleaning equipment, scrubbers are wet cleaning equipment. It has a rotary disk instead of a brush. An auto scrubber has the functionality to dispense a cleaning agent, and once cleaned/scrubbed with water, it is sucked right back into the machine with a vacuum. It is also widely used and its application is the same as that of sweepers. You can purchase these Scrubbers provided by Nilkamal Material Handling:

  1. Walk-behind Scrubber with Electric Cord

It is an AC supply cabled scrubber with a transparent hose to check freshwater level that is equipped with Brush control and adjustable contact pressure. It is also Integrated with an anti-corrosive aluminum squeeze with pressure adjustment. An efficient automated suction motor stops when the sewage water tank is full.

  1. Walk-behind Scrubber with transparent Top

A compact machine for smaller areas that is easy to store and maintain. It has a battery discharge indicator that allows you to keep track of its battery usage. A unique thing about these scrubbers is their transparent hose and transparent sewage tank cover. The level of fresh water and sewage water can be easily checked. It has an integrated aluminum squeegee, anti-corrosive, and easy-to-replace squeegee blade. These scrubbers clean per hour.

  1. Ride-on Scrubber

A scrubbing vehicle that is compact and easy to store and maintain. It has a specially designed filling hole to ensure easy water filling. Sometimes wet floors can cause accidents and therefore it is installed with a skid-proof rear wheel for steady running during operation. It is equipped with a high-capacity battery which can work for more than 4hrs continuously. These scrubbers clean 2700 per hour and also a variant that cleans 5000 per hour is available.

You can even purchase different types of scrubbing pads:

  1. SOFT FLOOR PAD WHITE: Soft pad, used for a floor that is not so dirty.
  2. GENERAL (MEDIUM) FLOOR PAD RED: Generally one, suitable for general floor and daily cleaning purposes. For Epoxy floor also.
  3. HARD FLOOR PAD BLACK: Hard pad, used for stripping on floor.

Sweeper and Scrubber Combined

The best of both worlds. It has a roller brush system that is best suited for collecting bits of wood, metal fragments, scrap papers, etc. The roller brush is easily replaceable without having to use any tools. It also has a transparent hose to check the water level. The angle pressure of squeeze is adjustable and the automated suction motor stops when the sewage water tank is full.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner not only cleans dust and dirt but also liquid spills or other wet surfaces. It has a high-power motor compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. The functionality is almost similar, but the difference lies within its efficiency. Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaners are better and they also use separate devices to store wet and dry dirt.

Nilkamal offers this type of vacuum cleaners in three different sizes with all the standard accessories.

High-Pressure Washer

Sometimes a large area needs to be cleaned with water. A simple sweeper or scrubber is not enough for the stubborn dirt. A high-pressure washer sprays water with a high force and quickly cleans the large areas. You might have seen the same functionalities in sanitizers and disinfectants.

High-pressure washers have a powerful 4 pole motor with overload protection. The pressure is adjustable which makes it efficient in terms of water usage. It has a Stainless Steel housing with a pressure gauge.

It comes with all the standard accessories like water pipe, sprays gun hook, and inlet pipe with its components.

Why use Nilkamal Floor Cleaning Equipment?

Nilkamal Floor Cleaning Equipment adheres to the highest quality standards in the industry. The equipment is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and maintain. Workers find it reliable as the technology guarantees time-saving sweeps and scrubs. All equipment is fitted with adjustable functionalities that make it customizable and personalized. For example, The contact pressure of the brush in sweepers is adjustable according to the cleaning surface to get better cleaning results.

We hope your mind is not wiped clean of any doubts regarding cleaning equipment. Now, with a clear, you can purchase the best. Get your hands on this incredible equipment asap! Visit our website or contact us on our toll-free number: 1800 890 9115.



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