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March 25, 2020

Keeping one’s surroundings clean has always been an instrumental practice to ward off health hazards, cleanliness has assumed a new definition in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While public places like airports, malls, factories, shopping-malls etc. are hubs for important community activities, they can also become breeding-points for health hazards if left unattended.
That’s when industrial cleaning equipment like ride-on scrubbers, walk-behind floor scrubbers, ride-on sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners etc. come to the rescue and help you with maintaining neat, tidy and hygienic public spaces!

Here are some types of industrial cleaning equipment to keep our surroundings clean and hygienic:


  1. Wet Vacuum Cleaner

The wet vacuum cleaner is your perfect industrial cleaning solution to ensure convenient and hassle-free floor cleaning. Equipped with wheels underneath, the wet vacuum cleaner is easily navigable in constricted spaces. Good-quality wet vacuum cleaners are made of superior plastic that aids in its durability and ease of maintenance.

  1. Ride-On Scrubber

The ride-on scrubber is another compact cleaning equipment tool that can be easily leveraged in bustling public places with lesser space. The ride-on scrubber comes equipped with a seat, steering wheel and other controls that help to efficiently clean the entire floor-space, including the corners.

  1. Ride-on Sweeper

The ride-on sweeper is one of the most convenient and time-saving cleaning solutions for warehouses, malls and other such spaces. Comprising side-brushes and dust-filter systems, this equipment is your perfect solution for dry-dusting an area and removing invisible dust particles. Easy to use and equipped with a stirring wheel for navigation, this sweeper helps reduce manual effort to a great extent.


  1. Walk-Behind Scrubber

The walk-behind scrubber is not only easy to use and maintain but also comes with an attached tank that collects the dust and aids in its safe disposal. It may be used in sprawling indoor spaces up to around 10K square meters. Its sleek and sturdy build makes it very portable and convenient to be used in different indoor areas.


Maintaining clean and tidy surroundings can contribute in helping us to win our ongoing fight against coronavirus as well as to prevent other diseases. Cleaning public places can involve manual labour, time and effort; with our industrial cleaning equipment, we at Nilkamal strive to provide more efficient and time-saving solutions to facilitate ease of cleaning and increased staff productivity. Click here to know more about us!



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