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April 30, 2024

Glass bottles are preferred packaging materials for several beverages, including beer bottles, because they are recyclable and reusable. But before buying beverages packaged in such bottles, most buyers look for key details printed on them. These details are usually coded on the bottles’ labels, because beer bottles tend to be returned to manufacturers through scrap vendors after use, and printing on the labels ensures that the previously printed codes may be easily erased and new ones printed in their place. That’s why most beer manufacturers use continuous inkjet printers to code product information on beer bottle labels. Here are some reasons why printing on glass beer bottle labels using a CIJ printer is a good idea:

  1. Permanent

One of the most important reasons to choose continuous inkjet printers to print on glass bottle labels is that they are permanent, unlike what is printed on paper. So, important details printed on beer bottle labels are easily available to retailers and end customers whenever they need to refer to them.

  1. Easy traceability of products from the same batch

In case of any defects in products manufactured in the same batch, retailers can easily trace the batch numbers printed on the bottles through CIJ printing and eliminate the ones from that particular batch. Since the text printed by CIJ printers is durable, such information is permanently available to retailers and end users.

  1. Highly legible text

Sometimes, a part of laser-printed text may fade away, which can be a put off for retailers and consumers looking for details of the product on the labels. On the other hand, with continuous inkjet printing, the text is highly legible even with the passage of time.

  1. Unconventionally simple design with no lockout hours

Good-quality continuous inkjet printers sport an unconventionally simple design with basic unipart systems, which can be used even if a person does not have any prior expertise in handling inkjet printers. Also, the best inkjet printers come with zero lockout hours, which saves considerable time when the printer’s ink has to be refilled.


Nilkamal’s premium industrial inkjet printers are among the best in the industry, because we extensively focus on enhancing quality of printing while reducing the time and effort involved. Also, we understand that the requirements for beer bottle label printing are very high in the beer industry. We cater to these requirements optimally by offering the fastest CIJ printersout there. Our inkjet printers can print on beer bottle labels within seconds, which considerably increases productivity and reduces time taken.

Over the years, our printers have served a host of industries, from food and beverage to pharma and automotive. We would love to hear from you and help you pick the best CIJ printer from our series. Click here to connect with us!



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