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January 27, 2023

Today, cutting-edge technology has resulted in the development of advanced machinery in the material-handling industry. Lithium-ion pallet trucks are the latest inclusions in this arena, helping warehouses efficiently load and unload heavyweight products. Let’s take a look at some reasons why lithium-ion pallet trucks are being commonly used for material handling:

  1. Long life cycle

Lithium-ion devices typically last long, typically thrice to five times longer than those powered by lead-acid batteries. Thus, they require fewer recharges and increase efficiency in the warehouse.

  1. Quick charging

Material handling products powered by lead acid tend to heat up while charging and require a considerable amount of time to cool down. In contrast, lithium-ion batteries charge at a faster rate, allowing warehouse workers to charge the equipment during their breaks and use them continuously during work hours.

  1. Powerful batteries

Owing to their flat-discharge curves, lithium-ion batteries are more powerful than lead-acid ones. Therefore, the equipment can function optimally for longer periods at a stretch, helping increase productivity and accomplish more tasks.

  1. Zero emissions

Lithium-ion devices involve zero lead or acid emissions and conserve 30% lesser energy compared to devices powered by lead acid. Thus, they contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. The battery’s longer life also makes it an environment-friendly alternative.

  1. No acid spills and lead contamination

Lead contamination and acid spills can pose serious threats to warehouses and workers. Failure to clean such spills can lead to serious injuries and accidents. Lead-acid-powered batteries are hazardous in such situations, as they are susceptible to such spills and contamination. Lithium-ion pallet trucks are the best bets to avoid such mishaps and ensure safety in the warehouse premises.

Nilkamal’s hand-pallet trucks, hydraulic pallet trucks, and lithium-ion pallet trucks Lithium Ion Powered Material Handling Equipment are manufactured by industry experts and are ideal to satisfy material-handling requirements in various industries. As premier pallet Material Handling experts, we would be happy to elevate the productivity levels at your warehouse. Click here to know more about us!




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