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August 08, 2023

One of the major challenges that warehouses have to deal with is navigation through narrow aisles. Material handling can be an excruciating task in such limited spaces. Nilkamal’s material handling equipment, including its premium reach truck, are equipped with several desirable features, which enhance workplace productivity and efficiency. Here are some incredible features of our premium reach trucks:

  1. Compact equipment

Nilkamal’s reach truck is sleek and compact, which enables warehouses to conveniently navigate the equipment through small spaces and ensure optimal space utilization. The reach truck’s compactness also ensures that it does not occupy excessive space in the warehouse.

  1. Superior-quality AC motor and transmission

Our first priority at Nilkamal is quality. The superior-quality AC motor and transmission used to power our reach trucks are of the highest standards, ensuring exceptional performance of the equipment.

  1. Ergonomic design

Equipped with fingertip hydraulics, this product can be easily handled by warehouse staff members, facilitating optimal safety and comfort. Moreover, our reach trucks consist of an overhead guard, which allows a panoramic view of the space below even from significant heights. Finally, the in-built standard electronic power steering ensures efficient navigation of the reach truck.

  1. Advanced technology

Our reach trucks entail an in-motion control system, which allows one to stay in control of the equipment at all times, even when it is in motion. Moreover, the product also entails in-built technology to ensure high level of filtration.

  1. Excellent residual load capacity

Material handling products like reach trucks typically mention nominal load capacity, or the maximum weight a product can raise to a specific height. However, if the load needs to be lifted further above this pre-determined height, this capacity is lowered. Thus, residual load capacity is the actual lifting capacity of the equipment. The residual load capacity of Nilkamal’s reach truck is the best in the industry, ensuring efficient material handling.

  1. Ease of maintenance

The hassle-free side-battery extraction process ensures ease of maintenance and low maintenance costs for warehouses.

Nilkamal’s material handling products incorporate cutting-edge technology and are manufactured with considerable expertise. Our material handling equipment are easy to maintain, durable, and of exceptional quality, ensuring user safety, increased warehouse productivity, and reduced costs. Click here to connect with us today!



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