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January 15, 2024

Loading and unloading heavyweight material can be a challenge for factories and warehouses, which deal with the continuous influx and outflow of such products. Industrial pallets help with easy loading and unloading of goods and their easy manoeuvring across the warehouse using machines and material handling equipment. Nilkamal’s FP series pallets offer several advantages in terms of quality and weight-bearing capacity. Here are some reasons to choose Nilkamal’s FP premium series pallets:

  1. Suitability for cold storage

Nilkamal’s premium FP series pallets are made of sturdy, superior-quality plastic, which lends itself to refrigeration and cold storage. Hence, perishable items like meats, fruits and vegetables, fish, ice, etc. may be easily stored in these pallets without the fear of leakage or damage to the pallet.

  1. Compatibility with automated robotic handling

Automated robotic handling considerably reduces time and manual effort involved in material handling. Our FP series pallets lend themselves to automated robotic material handling equipment, contributing to warehouse efficiency.

  1. Usability with tilt-wheel hand trucks

Trucks with tilt-wheel designs are intended to ensure easier navigation of material handling equipment and reduce damage in the process. Nilkamal’s FP series pallets can be easily used with tilt-wheel hand trucks.

  1. Stackability

One of the major advantages of Nilkamal’s FP series pallets is that they can be conveniently stacked in racking and shelving systems at warehouses. Hence, these pallets are space efficient and may be used optimally even at warehouses with limited space.

  1. Perfect integration of utility and cost effectiveness

Last but not least, these FP series pallets strike the right balance between being highly useful in the warehouse environment while being low on maintenance. Hence, they increase warehouse productivity and efficiency with minimal maintenance costs incurred.


Nilkamal’s FP series pallets are a warehouse’s perfect solution to accommodate multiple goods while saving on space and ensuring overall cost reduction. Over the decades, Nilkamal has emerged as a veteran in the material handling industry, with considerable expertise and hands-on experience in this area. We would be happy to understand your material handling needs and help you shortlist the perfect material handling equipment for your warehouse. Click here to know more!




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