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February 22, 2021

Material handling equipment as a category is segmented into 2 parts viz horizontal movement of material handling and vertical movement of material handling. Horizontal material handling equipment is dominated by a pallet truck. A pallet truck is furthermore divided into electric and manual pallet trucks. The electric pallet truck is battery operated and is also known as BOPT (Battery Operated Pallet Truck).

The manual version of the pallet truck or a hand pallet truck is a savior for every factory or warehouse. There are various types of a hand pallet truck and every type is having its own specific use and application. Nilkamal Material Handling Solution brings to you a varied range of applications for India's most versatile horizontal material handling equipment - the hand pallet truck.

1) Hand Pallet Truck.

This is a general-purpose hand pallet truck with varied fork lengths and width of forks, used for moving palletized loads in a given warehouse. Available in both Nylon and Polyurethane wheels depending on the application demands.

2) Scissor Lift Hand Pallet Truck

This specific variant of a hand pallet truck is a combined function of a scissor lift and a pallet truck. With this, the application of moving heavy items horizontally and lifting them ergonomically becomes extremely easy.

3) Weighing Scale Hand Pallet Truck

As the name suggests, this pallet truck contains a digital read-o-meter that indicates the weight of the load that it holds. 

4) Paper Roll Hand Pallet Truck

For large-sized paper rolls or products that are similarly rolled, this hand pallet truck is an essential item in the material handling list as this prevents one of a major loss of paper rolls by protecting the surface area from any kind of damage.

5) Hand Pallet Truck with Brake Systems

Moving material manually is not very simple, but hand pallet trucks with braking systems help in preventing accidents caused due to velocity in the movement of heavy loads. For better control, hand pallet trucks with brake systems are recommended.

6) Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck

A SS Hand Pallet truck or a stainless steel hand pallet truck is a go-to item for every application related to the movement of chemicals. A very popular example of the application of the stainless steel pallet truck is in the pharmaceutical industry.

7) Low Profile Hand Pallet Trucks

The low profile hand pallet truck is specifically designed for pallets with a lower clearance height. This is often done to optimize the spaces for logistics purposes.

Check out all of these pallet trucks here:



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