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July 20, 2021

The development of medicine is the result of efforts from numerous teams that put in years of work from product identification to commercialization. Everything in the pharmaceutical industry has been under the strict scrutiny of various stakeholders - be it government, social bodies, media, or people in general. For such reasons, every process is carefully examined by the manufacturers. One critical area that needs constant check is the supply chain of pharmaceutical items.

The supply chain of pharmaceutical items is critical as after the drug development, the raw material or the finished goods handling plays a pivotal role in directly or indirectly impacting the effects of the drugs. It is during the supply chain that pharmaceutical goods go through various transitions. Usually, they are palletized loads and such loads are handled by specific types of material handling equipment and special types of pallets.  Use of Conventional wooden / metal pallets in such critical areas may pose threat to pharmaceutical produce due to numerous reasons and foreign particles are carried by wood pallets and rusted metal pallets, which can contaminate the goods stored on it.   As per GMP it is always recommended to use Plastic Pallets for strict hygienic requirement, Plastic pallets aren’t porous and are easy to clean, wash or sterilize

It is mandatory to all pharmaceuticals companies to follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) following by Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines to ensure the proper production and distribution of medicinal products for human use and are strong advocates of using plastic pallets for palletization of such load accompanied with stainless steel pallet trucks. Plastic pallets are of an advantage against wooden pallets for various reasons. They are non-absorbent and as a result, they can be sanitized easily if necessary and thoroughly rinsed of chemicals. Pharmaceutical supply chains that use plastic pallets can institute a hygiene program to reduce the possibility of contamination where it is required, stopping the spread of contamination before it happens.

The safe delivery of medicinal products from the manufacturer to the wholesaler is something pharmacists, doctors, and patients all rely on. Nilkamal Material Handling solutions offer such equipment and pallets that promote safe delivery and better hygiene of pharmaceutical products. Nilkamal's Pharma Pallets are the perfect solution for the supply chain requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Check out some of the most interesting pharma product range from Nilkamal :




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