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July 31, 2023

There is no compromise for safety and hygiene when it comes to food and beverage, and no other industry perhaps understands this requirement better than the hotel and hospitality sectors. Premium food-service products allow these industries to prepare, preserve, and serve fresh, hygienic foods to their patrons, while increasing the overall efficiency of the staff members. Cambro-Nilkamal is one such initiative dedicated to uplifting the hospitality sector with its food-service equipment. Here’s are some reasons to opt for Cambro-Nilkamal’s bespoke products:

  1. Enhanced labour efficiency

Cambro-Nilkamal’s primary objective is to simplify the tasks performed by hotel staff members, increasing workplace productivity. Each product performs a distinct function to this end – for example, gastronorm pans redefine the processes of cooking, storing, heating, and cooling food, eliminating the need to perform such tasks manually. This product is particularly useful in large hotels, where food is prepared in large quantities to cater to thousands of visitors each day. Similarly, Cambro’s wash crates for plates ensure quick, efficient stacking of plates.

  1. Adherence to HACCP guidelines

Cambro-Nilkamal’s products fulfil the guidelines set forth by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). The principles included in the HACCP plans are hazard analysis, identification and establishment of critical control points, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, verification procedures, and record-keeping and documentation. Thus, adherence to such principles indicates that Cambro-Nilkamal’s products do not involve any safety hazards.

  1. An effective means to extend food shelf life

In most cases, a food item’s shelf life depends on the conditions in which it is cooked and preserved. Cambro-Nilkamal’s food-service products, including gastronorm pans, mobile ingredient bins, and food containers, allow for effective food preparation, storage, and internal supply, extending shelf life considerably.

  1. Facilitation of a well-organized kitchen

A messy kitchen can not only cause chaos and confusion but also spread infections among staff members and visitors in hotels. Cambro-Nilkamal offers a plethora of products to help organize kitchenware better, including separate wash crates for plates, open-ended trays, flatwares, etc.; kitchen organizer racks; silverware holders for utility carts; food pan carriers; and so on.

  1. Maintenance of ideal food temperatures

While some types of food need to be preserved in warm temperatures, some others require cold environments to ensure freshness. Cambro-Nilkamal offers a gamut of food-storage equipment that control food temperature effectively, including gastronorm pans, insulated containers, ultra camcarts, and ice caddies.

Nilkamal has been a household name at the national and international levels for several decades and is a trusted brand providing superior-quality, safe products. The Cambro-Nilkamal initiative reflects this spirit and delivers the best-quality food-service products, ensuring food safety, workplace productivity, and innovative hospitality solutions. We would be thrilled to know about your food-service requirements and assist you with purchasing the most effective products for your hotel. Click here to connect with us today!





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