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August 01, 2023

The automotive industry is growing at an unprecedented pace today and is expected to reach a market size of $28.7 billion by 2027. Like any other sector, the automotive sector also relies on several other industries for its optimal functioning. Industrial printing plays a pivotal role in helping this sector fulfil its coding and marking requirements at various stages. Have a look at some functions of continuous inkjet printers in the automotive industry:

  1. Coding of anti-counterfeit labels and part numbers

Counterfeit is a pressing issue faced by many industries, with counterfeit goods accounting for 2.5% of the world trade. Consequently, it is important to devise strategies to prevent such fraudulent activities. Anti-counterfeit labels allow for quick authentication and are difficult to duplicate, allowing the differentiation of original goods from counterfeit ones. Part numbers, which are identifiers of a specific part design used in an industry, also help identify genuine and fake product designs. Such labels and part numbers are coded into automotive parts using continuous inkjet printers.

  1. Coding on electronic components

Continuous inkjet printers can be easily used for coding on electric components, as they can print codes on such surfaces. This helps ensure the traceability of electronic components.

  1. Printing on hoses and pipes

Automotive hoses are used to supply fluids to vehicle parts such as engines and radiators. CIJ printers are used to print product details on stainless steel and plastic hoses and pipes used in the automotive sector.

  1. Tyre marking

The markings on vehicle tyres contain letters indicating speed rating. Other details like manufacture and expiration dates are also mentioned on tyres. These details are embossed on tyres using continuous inkjet printers.

  1. Coding on products with curved surfaces

Vehicle parts like aluminum wheels and mufflers have curved surfaces, on which product information must be mentioned. CIJ printers can penetrate such curved surfaces easily and ensure printing of such information seamlessly.

Continuous inkjet printing is among the most affordable choices for coding and marking of automotive components. Nilkamal’s continuous inkjet printers entail unconventionally simple unipart systems with no lock-in hours, modular design, and plug-and-play serviceability features, which allow for high-quality performance and increased productivity at the workplace. We would be happy to assist you with your industrial printing requirements. Click here to connect with us today!



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