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June 07, 2024

Nilkamal offers a range of food storage containers, meticulously designed to preserve foods and beverages and ensure that they are safe to consume. So, this World Food Safety Day, let’s check some reasons why hotels, restaurants, cloud kitchens, etc. should opt for Nilkamal’s premium food storage containers.

  • Suitable to preserve food at their ideal temperatures

Whether you would like to serve a piping hot stir fry or a freezing cold dessert, Nilkamal’s food storage containers are suitable to preserve, transport, and serve foods and beverages at their ideal temperatures. The food and beverages stored within the container remain at a constant temperature for long periods, so that the delicacies preserved within remain fresh throughout.

  • Highly durable

Made of premium-quality, food-grade polypropylene, our food storage containers last for several years with minimal maintenance required. So, they reduce the food and beverage industry’s costs in the long run.

  • Air-tight and leak-proof

An important aspect of food and beverage preservation is to ensure that there’s no leakage and spillage. It is also important to prevent foreign particles from contaminating the food or beverage preserved within. For these reasons, our food storage containers are equipped with transparent PC lids, which protect the food or beverage stored within.

  • Extended food shelf life

Owing to the exceptionally protected conditions in which foods and beverages are stored in Nilkamal’s food storage containers, their shelf life is considerably extended. So, hotels and restaurants can ensure that they serve only fresh preparations to their guests at any given time.

  • Available in multiple sizes

Another significant advantage of Nilkamal’s food storage containers is that they are available in different sizes, considering the diverse requirements of the food and beverage and hospitality industries. Our Fresh Pro food storage containers are available in as many as seven sizes, with 25% more storage capacity created by space-saving recessed handles.

As per2020 reports, if food safety standards in India continue to remain in their current state, there will be approximately 150-177 million cases of food-borne diseases by 2030.

With such increase in food-borne health conditions comes the need to ensure hygienic storage of foods and beverages to enhance food safety. Fresh Pro is an initiative byCambro Nilkamal to this end.



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