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June 05, 2024

1,60,000 metric tons.That’s the volume of solid waste generated every day in India, as of2021 reports. Can you imagine the volume of garbage being generated month on month, year on year?

With such a massive volume of waste generation comes the huge responsibility of disposing it using the right waste-disposal strategies. Unfortunately, the lack of dustbins at public places has led to large-scale littering, increasing the efforts of daily-wage workers and making these places less and less visitor-friendly. Besides, waste accumulation is linked to poor hygiene, breeding of mosquitoes, and consequently, several health conditions.

We at Nilkamal understand the dire need for proper waste-disposal strategies and tools. Our wide array of waste-management products is designed to resolve this pressing issue, being easy to handle, sturdy, and durable.

  • Free-Stand Litter Bin

Ourfree-stand litter bins are widely used in public places like parks, residential complexes, commercial areas, etc. They are equipped with sturdy lids, which prevent foul smell from spreading to the area in which they are placed. Our basic but well-designed free-stand litter bins are excellent solutions to ensuring proper hygiene in different settings.

  • Wheeled Bin

Ourwheeled bins are equipped with wheels and are best suited to handling large quantities of waste in public places. Here are some of its desirable features:

  1. Easily maneuverable because of its wheels
  2. New-generation dustbins with zero physical contact required when maneuvering them
  3. No spillage during transportation
  4. Easy to clean and maintain
  5. Availability in multiple colors: Red bins for biochemical waste; green bins for wet waste; blue bins for dry waste; and yellow bins for recyclable material (bottles, paper, cardboard, etc.)
  6. A built-in drain cap for convenient and hygienic garbage disposal


  • Wheeled Community Bin

Similar to our wheeled bins, ourcommunity bins are also wheeled, but they comprise four wheels, making them easy to navigate and highly suitable to public places. These wheeled bins are available in capacities of 660 liters and 1,100 liters and are easy to clean and maintain. They are also equipped with drain caps, which ensure hygienic waste disposal.

  • Twin Dustbin

Despite the blue and green colors indicating dry and wet waste, respectively, many people do not segregate waste based on these categories. Also, if dry and wet-waste dustbins are located away from each other, one may hurriedly dispose of all garbage in the bin in their vicinity, regardless of the type of waste. To resolve this issue, and in response to the Swachh Bharat movement by the Government of India, we at Nilkamal offertwin dustbins orhousehold dustbins, which is essentially one dustbin comprising dry and wet compartments on either side. Also, both these compartments can be easily detached as two distinct bins and emptied conveniently, before being joined as one dustbin again.

  • Push-cart Bin

These bins are designed to be used along with push carts or tricycles for convenient street waste collection. With an ergonomic design, these dustbins lend themselves to being carried effortlessly across streets, with zero waste spillage. We offerround bins andsquare bins, available with firm lids. Made of superior-quality plastic, these bins are durable, sturdy, and resilient.

  • Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are ideal solutions to transport large quantities of waste from open garbage-collection areas, small lanes, and roads to garbage trucks or larger disposal areas. The best part about wheelbarrows is that there is less contact with the waste products, ensuring hygiene and safety. Also, ourwheelbarrows are firm and durable and can be cleaned easily. These wheelbarrows are available at capacities of 65, 240, and 255 liters.

  • Cane Dustbins

Ourcane dustbins strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility. These dustbins have an inner basket that collects waste, so that the outer bin remains clean at all times. The inner basket is also easy to clean and maintain. These bins are available in brown and gray colors.

  • Compost Bins

Plastic compost bins are used to decompose organic matter—grass blades, fallen leaves, paper, fruit and vegetable peels, manure, etc.—to generate a natural fertilizer. This compost is added to soil to enhance plant growth, enhance rooting depth, conserve water, control erosion, and protect from pests. Plastic compost bins are resilient to heat, easy to clean, and durable, which makes them ideal for this process. They also prevent the foul smell of compost from escaping the bin.

This World Environment Day, it is time to return the favor to our environment, which tirelessly provides us with all the resources we need for our sustenance. Buying the right bins and remembering to segregate dry and wet waste are the first steps to a clean, hygienic environment. We would love to understand your waste management requirements and offer the best solutions.Click here to connect with us!



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