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January 15, 2024

From accommodating guests and catering to their requirements to serving delectable food on time, the hospitality industry shoulders a huge responsibility on a daily basis. The availability of superior-quality kitchen and hospitality equipment can significantly increase the hospitality sector’s productivity and reduce manual effort. Sirman offers a wide range of hospitality products, made available by Nilkamal in India for the hospitality sector’s convenience. Here are some Sirman products and their benefits for the hospitality sector:

1.  Bowl cutter

A bowl cutter or bowl chopper consists of a rotating bowl and a set of curved knives, which can accelerate everyday kitchen activities like chopping salads and vegetables, grinding beef and pork, and pulsing other fat and lean meat sources. The horizontal axle can operate at a speed of up to 5,000 rpm, considerably increasing finesse in chopping and grinding while reducing manual effort and time.

2.  Meat slicer

A meat slicer or deli slicer is commonly used in delicatessens to slice deli products like sausages, meats, and cheeses. Although this task may be carried out with a knife, using a meat slicer requires less effort, ensures better slices, and is less time consuming. Sirman’s meat slicers are of superior quality and can help ensure timely service in hotels and restaurants.

3.  Crepe maker

A crepe is the new way to conclude a meal with a spectacular dessert. And crepe makers facilitate quick, effortless preparation of these delicious French pancakes, with minimal efforts required. Sirman offers premium crepe makers that can save considerable time and effort in the crepe-making process while offering delicious crepes to clients.

4.  Salamander

With technological advancements, traditional ovens are being fast replaced by other specialized kitchen appliances, such as salamanders, which can broil foods at higher temperatures than traditional ovens. Sirman’s salamanders allow intense broiling of foods like meats, chicken breasts, vegetables, steaks, etc.

5.  Bone saw

A bone saw is used to finely chop and freeze meat and bones. This kitchen equipment considerably increases efficiency in the process and is particularly useful for freezing meat and fish separately from poultry.

6.  Handheld mixer

Processes like whipping, blending, mixing, and kneading are time-consuming - albeit necessary - tasks in kitchens. Handheld mixers are the hospitality sector’s best bets for quick and effective completion of such processes. Moreover, these are compact, portable, and space efficient.

7.  Sandwich grills

Sandwiches are among the most common snack items in most restaurants and eateries. And grilled sandwiches make for a sumptuous yet light meal that can be easily carried along. Sandwich grills accelerate this process considerably. Sirman offers premium sandwich grills with the option to grill multiple sandwiches simultaneously.


Cooking at a hotel, restaurant, or cloud kitchen involves backbreaking ground work, including chopping, broiling, blending, grilling, and baking. Sirman kitchen equipment are designed to increase speed and efficiency in these mundane kitchen processes, allowing hospitality staff members to innovate and come up with delectable cuisines for their clients. We at Cambro-Nilkamal help the hospitality sector avail of premium Sirman products, increasing productivity and reducing time and manual effort.



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