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November 28, 2023


Material handling can be a rather tedious - albeit necessary - task for staff members at warehouses. Lifting heavy weight is often associated with back problems and safety issues and requires considerable manual effort. On the bright side, modern material handling equipment make this task significantly easier and increase warehouse efficiency. However, many warehouses often hesitate to purchase material handling equipment or avail of material handling solutions, primarily owing to certain myths prevalent around material handling. We are here to bust some of these material handling myths:

Myth #1: Hiring more staff members is enough for efficient material handling

A common myth is that the more the number of staff members employed at a warehouse, the easier is material handling. Consequently, well-staffed warehouses may overlook the importance of material handling equipment. However, handling goods at warehouses can still pose safety risks to its staff members. Besides, manual effort is still involved in the process even with more workers, which limits work efficiency at warehouses. Finally, it is often difficult to manually load and unload goods in shelves placed around narrow aisles. For all these reasons, it is important for warehouses to deploy material handling equipment to make their daily tasks easier and increase productivity.

Myth #2: Light-weight goods can be handled easily

While light-weight goods may seem easier to handle manually, injuries can still take place even with handling less weight. Moreover, staff members at warehouses are assigned to loading and unloading goods on a regular basis, which increases their susceptibility to musculoskeletal injuries over time, regardless of whether the materials being handled are heavy or light. Material handling equipment reduce such risks considerably, ensuring the wellbeing of workers.

Myth #3: Material handling equipment require heavy maintenance

While some material handling equipment entail high maintenance costs, the cost of maintenance for such products depends largely on the quality of the equipment purchased. Superior-quality material handling equipment purchased from reputed material handling companies lead to minimal maintenance costs, high durability, and resilience to wear and tear.

Myth #4: The warehouse we operate in is small, so we cannot store material handling equipment

Small warehouses have narrow aisles and may get congested with too many cartons of goods to handle. Sleek material handling equipment, such as foldable crates and pallets, articulated forklift trucks, and electric pallet trucks, take up minimal space and can easily navigate narrow aisles, making them useful and space efficient.

Myth #5: Use of material handling equipment results in high emission levels

Contrary to popular belief, not all material handling equipment entail high emission levels. Emission levels of such equipment depend on the quality of the product one purchases. Reliable material handling industries offer equipment with superior-quality engines that reduce emission levels considerably. For example, Nilkamal’sArticulated Forklifts, powered by LPG, ensure low emission levels and are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor operation.


Buying the right material handling equipment for your warehouse is all about understanding your requirements, budget, and the material handling company’s expertise in the field. Being India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of material handling goods, Nilkamal offers unparalleled quality, customized material handling solutions, and end-to-end assistance with purchase and installation of its products. Click here to connect with us and fulfill your material handling requirements today.




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