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December 14, 2021

In the digitalized world, identifying the products during manufacturing and supply chain is essential for tracking and tracing. Printing on products is one way of identifying the products at every manufacturing and distribution process. There is a wide variety and product differentiation of printers out in the market. Continuous Ink Jet printers (CIJ) that is also known as Industrial inkjet printer is one versatile product to achieve the means. During the manufacturing and packaging operations, a Continuous Inkjet printer is utilized to code and label items and packaging. Expiry dates, batch and production details, serial numbers, and promotional codes are all common applications for variable data printing.

Nilkamal’s exclusive CIJ printer

Nilkamal is a leading company for inkjet printers. Nilkamal F500 Series Continuous Inkjet Printers are a perfect solution for industrial printing needs. It is built with modular structure and has external filters that can be changed easily. Unlike any other printer in the market, Nilkamal printer comes without restricted software lock-outs, thus optimizing printer utilization and cost per print.

Features of F500 series

This inkjet printer comes with variety of features as it is a non-contact and versatile printing solution. They are simple to install and easy to use. Our F500 series of inkjet printers offer the following features-

  • Robust and modular- The printer comes with a modular and robust structure due to which it become easy to use and operate the printer.
  • External Filter- The printer comes with a combined external filter which means that you need not to replace the entire ink system. Just replace the external filter and the printer is ready to work perfectly fine.
  • Unipart- The printer comes with Unipart ink system without lock-in chips that optimizes high utilization and cost efficiency.
  • Clean Refill- The product creates no mess and no ink spillage which makes it a reliable and durable printer.

Highlights of Nilkamal Inkjet Printers-

Solutions that allow printers integration with customers IT systems in today's industrial environments is a must. That’s why Nilkamal’s printer offers infinite possibilities and the highlights are-

  • Installation and production line automation are made easier with the use of leading industrial communication protocols.
  • To guarantee you satisfaction, we create easy to install and use printers.
  • Remote monitoring alerts you to potential problems before they become a problem.

Nilkamal is an experienced inkjet printer provider operating successfully and delivering quality products at exceptional value

Why choose us for inkjet printers?

There are many reasons why people prefer us in India for warehousing, manufacturing and other products. Some of them are-

  • Superior product quality
  • Tailored solutions
  • Tech-savvy sales team
  • Customer Support
  • Environmental awareness
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Reasonably priced
  • PAN India Services

We are leaders in manufacturing and delivering the inkjet printers. If you are also looking for continuous inkjet printers, you should contact Nilkamal and buy printers at the best prices.



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