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November 08, 2021

A Manual Hand pallet truck is an exceptionally useful equipment. Used for lifting and moving items in a warehouse, owning a high-quality hydraulics pallet truck is very essential. Since not everyone or every business needs a full fledged forklift, Pallet truck becomes a more convenient choice in such cases. The need for safe loading and unloading of commodities is one of the crucial factors in the industry. They are widely used by various manufacturing plants, retail stores, factory floors, warehouses and inventories. While all Manual Hand pallet trucks are made to do one or the same thing, their working mechanisms set them apart. These working mechanisms are distinct and are made so in order to serve different purposes. But the most important factor here is to make sure that the Manual Hand pallet truck you use is of the best quality available and is sturdy and safe to use. Nilkamal has been a leading brand of high quality material handling equipment, with their impeccable aftermarket direct service provided across PAN IndiaFollowing are the wide and elite range of Manual Hand pallet trucks from Nilkamal.

  1. Manual Hand Pallet Truck

The standard Manual Hand Pallet Truck and the most common one. The Nilkamal’ s Standard Manual Hand Pallet Truck comes with brakes and has a weight capacity of 2500 kgs. It has compact design, various width over forks, and strong steel structure apart from being very handy and portable.They are also available brakes which is another variant in the same design structure.

  1. Fully and Semi Electrical Hand Pallet Truck

Nilkamal Fully and Semi Electrical Hand Pallet Truck are the new range of product which are built on a smart design which is a perfect alternative to Manual Hand Pallet Trucks. This product range offers the operator less fatigue and increase productivity. They are economical and comes with Lithium Ion Battery. The Fully Electrical is where the lift and travel both are battery operated, where as Semi Electrical version drive is battery operated and lifting is manual.

  1. Scissors Pallet Truck

As the name suggests, scissor pallet truck has criss crossed legs beneath the truck that facilitate the movement. Nilkamal Scissor Pallet Truck is constructed over three telescopic jacks that are made of 3 piston rods creating light pumping force, that lifts the forks of the pallet. Support legs come into operation automatically and they prevents the unit from moving when the forks are raised to keep the safety of the operator. automatically slows the descending speed when heavy goods loaded to prevent cargo damage. Having a load capacity of 1000 kgs, Scissor pallet trucks are very robust, practical and easy to use or operate.

  1. Weighing Scale Pallet Truck

A hand pallet with an in - built weighing scale. Thus it aids in not only transporting freight, but also weighs them while you do the former. The Nilkamal Weighing Scale Pallet Truck has a 12 inch super-large and bright LED display in solid-state to be strike-free. Weight can be measured in pounds or Kilograms. Easy to calibrate and use this hydraulic pallet scale is very useful.

  1. Paper- Roll Hand Pallet Truck

The paper-roll Hand Pallet Truck or hydraulic reel pallet truck is an ingenious pallet truck variation that specializes in the transportation of warp beams and heavy paper-rolls. Paper Roll Pallet Truck facilitates smooth & easy movement of paper rolls. The paper rolls are rested on the truck while transporting.

    6. Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

The best things about using stainless less, are the facts that they are light weight compared to other metals, and rust or corrosion free. That is why more and more inventories and warehouses are switching to stainless steel pallet trucks as it becomes a good investment for long time. Since Stainless steel is temperature friendly, meaning, it can be used in any temperatures, Nilkamal’s stainless steel and semi stainless-steel trucks are used extensively in cold storage plants, Pharma Industries and warehouses.



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