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February 21, 2020

When it comes to managing heavyweight products, one of the most strenuous albeit necessary material handling requirements for factories and warehouses is to carefully load and unload goods in and from the trucks respectively. Transportation of heavy products is a regular activity in a place that witnesses a constant inflow and outflow of such goods. As a result, it becomes extremely imperative for persons working at these areas to handle the freight with care and ensure personal safety while doing so.

Dock levellers have always been employed by factories as a means to easily mount and dismount goods between trucks and warehouses or docks. Here, we have put together a list of the different types of dock levellers and the distinct purposes of each:

1.Mechanical Dock Leveller

A mechanical dock leveller is manually operated and requires one to pull at a chain or lever in order to extend the lip and raise the leveller. Similarly, the worker engaged in the material handling activity is required to exert manual effort into lowering the lever. Owing to the extensive physical activity and time consumption involved, mechanical dock levellers are now taking the backseat to pave way for their automated hydraulic counterparts.

 2.Hydraulic Dock Leveller

As the name suggests, a hydraulic dock leveller operates through hydraulic energy and is typically activated by a push-button. Equipped with hydraulic cylinders to automatically extend the lip and raise the platform, these levellers are the easiest to handle and most cost effective of all dock levellers. Moreover, these levellers are also popular owing to their strength and ability to withstand extremely heavyweight equipment. 

3.Vertical Dock Leveller

Vertical dock levellers are also controlled by means of hydraulic power. However, when placed upright, they cover the entire vertical space, thus leaving enough physical space when not in use. Whenever required, these may be raised and lowered using the push-button. Vertical dock levellers act as storage solutions to make space when there is a space-crunch in the warehouse or more freight has to be accommodated.

 4.Edge of Dock Leveller

Edge of dock levellers are typically placed at the very edge of the dock from or to which the freight is to be unloaded or loaded. These levellers are usually used when there are not many goods to be handled in the warehouse area. Edge of dock levellers may either be operated manually or using hydraulic power.


Dock levellers are extremely significant in convenient transportation, mounting and dismounting of heavyweight goods, which is why plastic crates manufacturers and warehouses rely on these to handle these products. At Nilkamal, we strive to manufacture sturdy, durable and superior quality dock levellers, so that you reap the benefits of hassle-free and safe loading and unloading of goods. 




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