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February 28, 2020

Loading and unloading of heavyweight goods is a part and parcel of the day-to-day activities of a warehouse. While the workers engaged in these tasks are trained in handling heavy load, material handling equipment such as the scissor lift table help to increase overall warehouse efficiency as well as the individual productivity of those involved in these activities. The sheer significance of such equipments at the warehouse, as well as the risks involved in not taking adequate precautionary measures while handling such machinery make it necessary for warehouses to carefully assess the product in question before making a purchase. The same holds good for the indispensable scissor lift table. So, here are some quick tips that can help warehouses choose a good quality scissor lift that is both efficient and safe for those handling the equipment:

1. Capacity of the Table

The most basic prerequisite to buying a good-quality scissor lift is to gauge its capacity vis-à-vis the requirement at your warehouse. Before purchasing a scissor lift table, it helps to consider the approximate weight of the goods handled at your warehouse. This enables one to figure out roughly what the capacity of your scissor lift table should be. It is better to purchase a scissor lift table that has the capacity to withstand weight that amounts to a little more than that of the heaviest freight handled at your workplace. Ideally, superior-quality scissor lifts should have a capacity of holding around 350kgs of weight at a time.


2. The Altitude to Which the Table can be Elevated

Another important factor to consider while purchasing a scissor lift is the height to which the table can be elevated. The height of the elevated table determines the altitude to and from which the table can unload and load industrial crates and other goods in the warehouse. The more the height of the scissor lift, the more convenient it may be for workers to mount and dismount heavyweight objects.

3. Portability

Whether or not your scissor lift may be conveniently carried across the warehouse is also a determinant of its usability. Warehouses are usually very large and consist of multiple chambers; hence, if your scissor lift is heavy and unmanageable, it may become cumbersome for one to manoeuvre to and fro with the table in tow. The more easily portable your material handling equipment, the more efficiently it may be used at the warehouse. Scissor lift tables made of good-quality plastic are typically lighter and may be lifted and carried about without any hassles.

4. Size of the Table

The size of the table platform also plays an integral role in the suitability of the hydraulic scissor lift table for your warehouse. Broader tables ensure that there is sufficient space for multiple heavyweight goods to be effortlessly accommodated, while also leaving enough space for the workers to operate its motion. Broader tables also ensure that the goods and industrial crates do not have to be crammed in, thus making it convenient to dismount the goods upon reaching the desired altitude.


Handling heavyweight material entails tremendous physical labour, and material handling equipment like the scissor-lift help ensure that the work environment is not only more efficient but also safer and less strenuous for the workers. That also explains why purchasing a good-quality scissor lift is extremely essential for factories and warehouses to function optimally.
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