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November 28, 2023

The space between your dock and truck should not be a deterrent in your material handling processes. Nilkamal’s dock levellers help warehouses find the perfect solution to this challenge, acting as “bridges” between these two surfaces, reducing manual effort, and increasing warehouse productivity considerably. Have a look at some exclusive features of Nilkamal’s dock levellers:

1.     Sturdy bridges between trucks and docks

With an overall capacity of 10,000 kg, Nilkamal’s dock levellers act as sturdy connectors between truck trailers and docks, allowing for the seamless passage of heavy-duty commodities.

2.     Height-adjustable levellers

These dock levellers also bridge differences in the heights or levels of trailers and docks or warehouse floors, as they may be easily adjusted based on the height of the latter.

3.     Easy to maintain and operate

Our dock levellers are made of strong, resilient material, making them durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. Hence, they are easy to maintain and operate, reducing maintenance costs and manual effort in the process.

4.     Permanent components of docks

Dock levellers may be installed as permanent components on docks and elevated whenever the gap between a trailer and the dock has to be bridged.

5.     Option to install hydraulic dock levellers

Hydraulic dock levellers are similar to regular or mechanical dock levellers but are additionally powered by hydraulic cylinders to raise the platform and extend the lip assembly. Thus, hydraulic dock levellers go a step further in ensuring that manual effort is reduced considerably in material handling and transferring goods from trucks to warehouse floors or docks.

6.     Well-suited to all types of material handling equipment

Nilkamal’s dock levellers lend themselves to unloading of material by means of different types of material handling equipment, from forklifts and battery-operated pallet trucks to hand pallet trucks and the Articulated Forklift. 

Loading and unloading goods from trucks onto docks and warehouse floors requires effort and patience. Nilkamal’s dock levellers make this task incredibly convenient, ensuring safety, durability, and compatibility with different material handling equipment. With decades of experience in the field, we at Nilkamal offer premium material handling solutions and would be happy to help you shortlist your material handling needs. We also help with end-to-end installation of the equipment at your warehouse. Click here to connect with us and know more about our products and services.



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