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July 17, 2020

“Health is wealth”has always been the mantra to a balanced and peaceful existence. And today, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, general health and well-being is all the more a concern considering the restrictions and long spells of quarantine. That also explains why the availability of medicines is as much crucial in these times as that of groceries and other essential requirements. The pharma industry carries the responsibility of manufacturing, storing and supplying these medicines on a regular basis from pharmacies to the local medical stores for local consumption. And the hygienic transportation and supply of medicines is even more important at a time when the world is battling a rather deadly virus.

Our answer? Buying the right material handling equipment for your pharmacy! And what are some material handling solutions that can help pharmacies transport and store goods efficiently? Here is a look:

  1. Plastic Crates

One of the most convenient means to store and safely transport medicines is through compact plastic crates. These are not only durable and lightweight but also available in various sizes and dimensions. For instance, auto-clavable crates are custom-made to contain ampules and vials and transport these rather delicate pharmaceutical products safely across long distances. Moreover, the structure of the auto-clavable crates ensures that the vials may be effortlessly slid into them. This facilitates easy loading and unloading of the medicines while maintaining optimal hygiene levels. Other types of crates like tablet crates (to store large quantities of tablets and granules) and large foldable crates also help pharma companies to load, store, transport and unload medicines efficiently.


  1. Roto-Molded Pallets

Experienced plastic crate manufacturers would agree that while crates are extremely useful to store the manufactured products, they in turn need additional support to be carried across distances. Roto-molded pallets provide stability to the crates loaded on them and facilitate their seamless transportation from one place to another as well as across different spaces and pallet storage systems within the same place. The plastic used to manufacture these pallets is resistant to the commonly used chemicals and does not corrode even in case of any spillage. They are also resilient to rough-and-tough use in factories and warehouses and considerably easier to maintain than their wooden counterparts.

  1. Plastic Iceboxes

Certain medicines and chemicals need to be stored at cold temperatures to prevent them from perishing. While these may be stored in refrigerators at warehouses or other indoor spaces, plastic iceboxes are the ideal cold storage solutions when these products are being transported in vehicles. These iceboxes are typically lightweight and resistant to changes taking place in the temperatures in their environments. Typically, these insulated containers are available in 4 major types:

  1. Plain icebox
  2. Iceboxes with a drainage facility
  3. Iceboxes with vending lids
  4. Iceboxes with drainage facility and vending lids.

Pharmaceutical companies may opt for their choice of iceboxes based on their unique transportation requirements and the nature of the medicines being transported.


  1. Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand pallet trucks help to navigate through warehouse aisles and other indoor spaces. This enables easy mounting and dismounting of pallets, crates and iceboxes on and from cold storage systems and racks. Good-quality hand pallet trucks are resilient to very low temperatures, which enables them to handle pharmaceutical products more efficiently in pharmaceutical companies and factories.


  1. Intra-logistic Racking & Shelving Solutions

Lastly, the shelving and racking systems in a factory or company are indispensable material handling solutions for storing pharmaceutical products. Pharmacies may have to store products in a systematic manner and right conditions until they may be supplied or exported to the markets. These shelving and racking systems help you store iceboxes, containers and loaded pallets vertically, thus helping pharmacies to maintain a clean, spacious and hygienic environment.


Pharmacies have always played an inextricable role in promoting health and wellness, regardless of the conditions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they continue to work around the clock to manufacture and supply the essential medicines and make them easily accessible to the public. We at Nilkamal understand and appreciate the efforts exerted by the pharma industry. We would be more than happy to provide your pharmacy with the necessary material handling solutions to aid in the hygienic and efficient supply of pharmaceutical products. Click here to know more about us!



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