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July 01, 2020

At a time when stepping out into the public domain has become a highly restricted activity, transporting the essentials in the most hygienic ways possible is now more important than ever. Loading, unloading and transporting plastic crates, containers and other heavyweight objects while also ensuring optimal hygiene levels may sound like a task. Therefore, manufacturers of these essential goods are on the lookout for compact material handling equipment options that can ensure the optimal transportation and storage of these products.

Plastic pallet manufacturers present the most viable solutions to this requirement. Why should the manufacturers of essential goods opt for plastic pallets as their go-to material handling solutions especially in the current scenario? Here are some reasons for the same:


  1. Protection From Fungus and Termite

Yes, pallets are good ways to store and transport goods, but why should you go for plastic pallets instead of the wooden ones? One of the major advantages of plastic pallets over the wooden ones is that plastic pallets are resilient to termites and the growth of fungi within them. The formation of fungi and breeding of termites in your pallets can not only cause hygiene issues but also weaken the surfaces of your pallets, thus making them more brittle. Plastic pallets are resistant to such foreign bodies and thus make for better material handling and storage solutions.


  1. Easily Stackable in Narrow Spaces

The sleeker your material handling solutions are, the more easily you can ensure a clutter-free warehouse or storage space. Plastic pallets are lightweight and therefore easily stackable in warehouses and factories. This allows more space for individuals to walk about freely and navigate their machinery, thus promoting better social distancing. It also helps you to access the entire floor space (including the corners) more efficiently, thus allowing every part of the chamber to be cleaned thoroughly.


  1. Perforated Top-Deck & Anti-Skid Features

Flat and smooth pallet surfaces may not be as sturdy and strong as they appear. Perforated plastic pallets provide steady surfaces for plastic crates and other heavyweight goods to be efficiently stored and transported without any spillage or skidding. Further, good-quality plastic pallets are equipped with anti-skid grommets and safety edges ensure that the goods are securely fastened to the pallets at all times.


  1. Stretch Wrap Ribs and Strap Belt Hooks

It may not always be sufficient to have resilient and sturdy pallets. Very heavyweight goods require extra support to prevent skidding and any other damage. Plastic pallets are usually equipped with stretch wrap ribs on either side. These help to fasten the goods more steadily on to the pallet and prevent them from loosening. Further, strap belt hooks may be fastened to the pallets for extra safety. These stretch wrap ribs and strap belt hooks ensure that plastic pallets are suitable storage solutions to transport large quantities of essential goods even more securely across long distances.


  1. Conducive to PP Strapping

Polypropylene or PP strapping ensures that the goods mounted on the pallets are secure and safe even when being transported in trucks and other vehicles. Plastic pallets lend themselves well to PP strapping, thus making sure that the essentials are properly secured and do not spill over even while crossing bumpy roads and rough surfaces.



Transporting essential goods in plastic crates and containers helps increase the hygiene and cleanliness levels. And transporting these bins and crates in plastic pallets ensures that the essentials are secure and sturdy at all times. We at Nilkamal are dedicated to providing only the best quality plastic crates and pallets that can make your supply and storage processes more efficient and hygienic. Click here to know more about us!



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