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December 10, 2018

Kaizen is a Japanese approach to create a climate of ongoing improvements, big or small, that can reap major benefits. These improvements should be consistent, continuous and extensive, involving both infrastructure and process of the organization.  While you are in the set up stage, making the right decisions can create a pattern for future success. One such decision is choosing a vendor for your material handling. A carefully selected vendor will save you a lot of hassles allowing you to focus on your business.


Here are the top 3 factors to consider when choosing a material handling vendor:”

1) Expertise and Experience: In the start-up stage, anyone can sell you products and equipment, but the expertise and experience of a vendor who has navigated the intricacies of your specific industry, is critical. With each exposure to various factories and businesses, a vendor gathers new levels of knowledge and problem solving abilities. They learn to anticipate needs ahead of time and know which adjustments need to be made to maximize productivity. Having a partner to guide you through the pitfalls of growth can be invaluable.

2) Service & After Sales Support: In material handling, prompt response, pre-sales, service and after sales support, play a critical role. Usage of material handling equipment like Forklifts, Hand Pallet Trucks, Reach Trucks or Conveyor Equipment, leads to wear and tear and ultimately requires spare parts and service to keep your business moving. The ability of a vendor to maintain stock of spare parts, provide fast, cost effective, and reliable service, are important selection criteria. In order to accomplish this the vendor must have an extensive network of knowledgeable support staff located in close proximity for dispatch. 

3) One Stop Solution: In the case of vendor management, it is efficient for all members of your organization to build a relationship with a single vendor. A one stop solution vendor can study where your business has been, where it is now, and get you where you want to be. They are not simply interested in making a sale but provide comprehensive solutions including: Material Handling Equipment, Storage Systems and Solutions like Crates and Pallets, that factor in future growth avoiding costly decisions.


Nilkamal Material Handling can help you apply a kaizen approach by jump starting your productivity, teaching you and your workers how to analyze your material handling, and be a partner along the way to guide you in your evolution. This will improve material flow which in turn increases productivity and profit.



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