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March 25, 2020

One of the major challenges for warehouses while dealing with material handling equipment is to navigate narrower spaces and aisles. And the electric stacker is one of the most important mechanisms to ensure smooth navigation in such constricted spaces. The electric stacker is now increasingly being opted for as an effective replacement to the rather bulky and space-consuming forklifts and other industrial equipment.
So, what is an electric stacker, and what are its distinct functions at a warehouse or factory? Take a look:

What is an Electric Stacker?

The electric pallet stacker is essentially a more petite version of the ordinary forklift and is typically used to navigate through constricted spaces and narrow aisles. Despite its compact build, it is equipped to lift heavyweight products such as loaded pallets, plastic crates, boxes, tubes, slabs etc. Most factories and warehouses are usually on the lookout for specific types of equipment that perform the same functions as the larger ones while also not occupying too much space. As a result, the electric stacker comes up as a reliable material handling solution.

The Key Functions of an Electric Stacker

Here’s a glimpse at some of the major functions of an electric pallet stacker at a warehouse:

  • Ease of navigation:One of the most important benefits of the electric stacker is that, owing to its compact size, it may be easily manoeuvred through narrow aisles of the warehouse. This tremendously helps warehouses to make space for more racking systems and storage.
  • Electrically powered: In comparison to the manual stackers, electric pallet stackers are much easier to handle, owing to the fact that they are electrically charged. As a result, workers do not have to exert too much manual effort while handling the equipment and loading/unloading plastic pallets and crates. It is also very easy to handle, thus resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Convenient seating: Electric stackers are also equipped with seats and steering wheels that aid navigation. This ensures that the individual handling the equipment is comfortable and can move it across narrow aisles without any hassles.
  • Lesser Storage Space: Another major benefit of electrical stackers is that they take up very less space when stored in warehouses. This also helps warehouses to save more square feet and store other machines and equipment more conveniently.
  • Options to adjust speed and change directions:Electric pallet stackers also consist of electronic throttles that enable one to easily increase or reduce the speed at which the equipment is moving, as well as to change its direction or reverse it whenever required. Such features tremendously aid in ease of navigation.


Today, as industries and warehouses manufacture multiple products with remarkable efficiency and speed, an adequate storage space is the need of the hour. Thus, factories and warehouses need to accommodate more and more goods within the restrictions of the area already provided to them. Material handling equipment options such as the electric stacker help one to make space and reduce chaos at warehouses, even while retaining the efficiency levels and load-bearing capacities. At Nilkamal, we offer you only the best material handling solutions that can fulfil your industry-specific requirements efficiently and economically. Click here to find out more about us!



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