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May 14, 2020

Warehouses and factories are rightly perceived as the hubs of various types of goods, from bulky objects to heavyweight equipment. And while warehouses are generally large and equipped to accommodate multiple bulky goods, there often results a shortage of space and a consequent need to accommodate more goods and plastic crates in the space available. This is where mezzanine racking systems step in to save the day! So, what are mezzanine racking systems, and how do these facilitate more judicious use of the warehouse space available? Read on to find out:

What are Mezzanine Racking Systems?

Simply put, mezzanine racking systems are additional storage structures that act as annexures between the ceiling and the floor of the warehouse. These huge structures consist of makeshift floors (often made of steel) that may be installed and dismantled as per the warehouse requirements. Typically, warehouses and factories may opt for mezzanine systems when there is a need for additional storage space resulting from many products of a bulky nature being manufactured. Over the years, mezzanine racking systems have been installed by many warehouses in an attempt to utilize the available space adequately, organize their pallet racking and other storage practices and increase the overall efficiency.

Some Reasons Why Warehouses Should Opt for Mezzanine Racking

So, why are mezzanine systems beneficial, and why should warehouses and factories consider opting for them? Here’s a look:

  • More Goods Accommodated in the Same Area:Installing mezzanine racks ensures that a warehouse does not have to widen its available area to accommodate more products. Since it is an elevated storage place stretching between the walls of the warehouse, it does not take up any additional space in the factory while also providing one with the perfect equipment, goods and pallet storage
  • Easy Installation and Dismantling Processes:Another advantage of the mezzanine racking systems is that they may be installed, dismantled and reinstalled in warehouses with relative ease as opposed to other types of racking systems. This ensures that warehouses may determine whether or not to utilize the mezzanine racks based on the number of products being manufactured and the consequent requirement for additional storage spaces.
  • More Space Available for Working:With more heavyweight machinery, goods and material handling products being stored in the mezzanine racks, more ground area may be cleared for other day-to-day commercial activities to be carried out. This brings about more system and enhances the overall productivity of the workers.
  • A Clutter-free Workspace:A neat and tidy workplace helps one to accomplish more tasks in lesser time and strategize one’s work more efficiently. With lesser goods crowding the floor area of your warehouse, you can bring about more clarity in your processes and help your workers put their best foot forward!
  • Eliminates Additional Rental Costs:With the installation of mezzanine racks, warehouses need not opt for additional rental spaces to store their goods. This helps to considerably cut down on costs, enabling factories to reserve more funds for other significant activities.


It is common for warehouses and factories to be faced with a space crunch resulting from the excessive inflow of products to be accommodated on a daily basis. In such cases, storage solutions such as mezzanine racks are extremely feasible and help the staff to store and maintain products more efficiently. As premier plastic pallet manufacturers and material handling solutions providers in the industry, we at Nilkamal not only manufacture these racking systems for you but also assist in their end-to-end installations. Click here to know more about us!



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