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May 29, 2020

Regardless of how large or tiny they may be, space-crunch is an issue faced by all warehouses and factories. This is because the amount of goods and equipment accumulated at these spaces is often unimaginable, and these are subject to increasing on a daily basis in accordance with their manufacture. That is also why warehouses are often on the lookout for simple and cost-effective solutions to save as much space as possible even while retaining the same area. Vertical storage solutions step in to help warehouses achieve this goal! Here is a look at some ways in which opting for vertical storage at your warehouse is the answer to your constant storage requirements:

  1. It Increases the Floor Area:The basic idea of a vertical storage system is to facilitate more floor area. This not only allocates more area in the warehouse to store multiple goods but also provides navigation space for the staff to conveniently move about. Having more spacious aisles also means that heavyweight material handling equipment may also be easily manoeuvred across the space.

  2. More Organized Storage Processes:Wherever there are too many goods to store and handle, there are chances that your storage space may become rather overloaded in no time. This often leads to chaos and confusion and a rather haywire work environment. Vertical storage solutions that can accommodate large quantities of goods with ease help warehouses to reduce the number of plastic pallets, crates and other products on the floor surface. This leads to a more organized and well-planned storage system and contributes to increased workplace efficiency as a result.

  3. Easy Retrieval of Goods:Due to the more organized storage processes, vertical storage systems facilitate easy retrieval of goods as compared to other more congested storage solutions. For instance, in case of vertical pallet racking systems, the products may be systematically labelled and organized on different rungs based on their specific functions and frequency of use. This helps the staff members to easily access the required products and avoid confusion.

  4. Increased Warehouse Safety:One of the most significant advantages of vertical storage is that it practically increases the safety levels of the warehouse. When plastic pallets and other products are stored on or close to the floor area, navigation becomes a major issue and leads to potential safety threats. This holds true especially when there are bulky goods to be constantly handled and shuffled around. A safe and secure vertical storage solution ensures that workers do not trip or meet with accidents while engaging in their day-to-day processes.

  5. A Hygienic and Clean Work Environment:A more organized and well-planned workspace allows one to clean the nooks and crannies of the warehouse more conveniently. It also allows one to spot the dusty and messy areas more easily and use the necessary cleaning equipment to get rid of the same. This ensures a more hygienic work environment and prevents health hazards, which is all the more imperative right now in the COVID-19 situation.


Handling heavyweight products on a daily basis is certainly a cumbersome task, but availing of the right storage solutions makes this process much more convenient and timesaving. As premier material handling consultants and plastic pallet manufacturers, we at Nilkamal provide you with the best solutions for your storage and material handling requirements. Moreover, in addition to offering the best quality vertical storage solutions, we also provide you with end-to-end installation services. Click here to know more about



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