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May 29, 2020

There is nothing more important and challenging for a factory or warehouse than moving heavyweight goods safely from one point to another within the premises. Manually loading and unloading these goods can not only be tiring and cumbersome for the workers but also a potential threat to their workplace safety. That is where different types of material handling equipment step in and bring about much more efficient processes. Two such essential types of equipment for industries and factories are forkliftsand order pickers. While order pickers are often classified as variants to the quintessential forklifts, they consist of distinct characteristics that serve specific functions. So, let’s take a look at the basic features of and differences between order pickers and forklifts:

The Quintessential Forklift Truck
  • In its classic form, a forklift is equipped with an inbuilt cab for the driver, as well as a steering wheel and controls to manoeuvre the forklift with ease.
  • For loading and unloading the materials, a forklift consists of sturdy prongs in front of it, which are designed to carry heavyweight cartons, crates and loaded pallets efficiently.
  • These prongs may be elevated to great heights to load and unload goods from tall shelves and racking systems in the warehouse.
  • Owing to its compact structure, a forklift truck can be easily navigated even in narrow spaces and aisles. This also helps warehouses to save storage space and cut down on maintenance costs.

All About Order Pickers

  • While forklift trucks consist of throngs to carry load, order pickers entail inbuilt platforms on which the goods may be loaded or unloaded.
  • Just like the throngs, these platforms may be elevated to place or retrieve the products from the shelves and racks in the warehouse.
  • An advantage of order pickers over forklifts is that since these consist of platforms instead of throngs, it is possible for individuals to mount the platforms and manually access the higher rungs of the racks and storage systems in the warehouses. This characteristic of order pickers is similar to that of scissor lifts, which also contain inbuilt platforms that can carry people and goods together.
  • Such platforms allow individuals to access otherwise unattainable shelving and racking compartments for better cleaning and maintenance of the same.
  • It also facilitates a closer dismounting process of crates and pallets as individuals may mount the platforms and read the labels in these goods more carefully before loading the required ones.


Forklifts and order pickers have both been popular choices as material handling equipment tools in industries and factories. However, before deciding to buy either or both of these, it is important for a factory or warehouse to consider its specific material handling requirements as well as the space available for storage and navigation. Understanding the in-depth differences between forklifts and order pickers can help you cut down on costs by making the right decision at the first go itself.
At Nilkamal, we offer a wide range of material handling products from forklifts and scissor lift tables to combilifts and order pickers. We would be happy to carry out a needs analysis for your industry and provide you with the most useful material handling solutions that can increase the warehouse productivity and ease your processes. Click here to know more!



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