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May 14, 2020

In any industry, storage and transportation of goods is just as integral a part of supply as is manufacturing. As a result, industries often exert extra efforts to ensure that the manufactured goods reach their ends in the most convenient manner possible. Plastic crates have always served as an integral part of this supply process, catering to various industries and transporting the products in a good condition to the market. So, here’s a look at some industries and sectors where plastic crates may be used in course of the day-to-day supply process:

  1. Dairy

All along, milk crates have served as extremely important means to supply milk cans and packets across cities and towns. They also enable the efficient shipping of milk across long distances, holding them firmly and preventing spillage. While wooden and cardboard crates used to be leveraged more often in this industry earlier, plastic crates have now become increasingly popular due to their light weight and resilient structures. Typically made of polyethylene, plastic milk crates are resistant to repeated washing and ensure more hygiene in the supply process.


  1. Agriculture

Plastic crates play an integral role in the agriculture industry, facilitating a hygienic and efficient transportation process. These are suitable alternatives to their traditional wooden and cardboard counterparts as plastic crates are resilient to the growth of fungi within them. As a result, plastic bins and crates are being widely opted for to transport agricultural produce as well as soil and seeds on a large scale. Moreover, plastic crates are also resilient to extreme weather conditions, which aids in the secure transportation of perishable agricultural products. The nature of the products transported in the agro-industry requires extra care to be taken in terms of hygiene and proper maintenance. Plastic as an element allows for increased efficiency in the transportation and supply of these products.




  1. Fishing Industry

Fisheries make use of plastic crates as well as plastic fish tubs and ice boxes to prevent fish from perishing while being transported. As a poor conductor of heat and a resilient element against rain and other harsh weather conditions, plastic protects the ice within the crates and containers from melting and ensures that the fish stored within are fresh even after being transported across long distances. Moreover, plastic crates can also be cleaned more easily as compared to crates made from other metals or elements. Thus, even in case of any spillage, these may be more easily cleaned and hygiene maintained.

  1. Vegetables and Fruits

Transporting of fruits and vegetables across long distances requires special care to be exercised as these are perishable and easily affected by weather conditions. Crates made from plastic are popular choices for transporting these goods, as they are compact and resistant to external deterrents. Every day, a variety of fruits and vegetables are transported, in plastic crates, from fields and orchards to go-downs and markets. In fruit and vegetable go-downs, these crates may be stored in in-built pallet storage systems before being further transported to the markets.


  1. At Grocery Stores and Go-Downs

The grocery industry is another major domain that extensively makes use of crates to store and transport grocery items as well as aid customers and staff-members to carry them easily within supermarkets. These crates may be filled in with packaged grocery items and supplied to the go-downs and markets efficiently. The durability and resilience of these crates ensures that even bulky grocery items may be easily transported without any wear and tear. These may also be stored at the go-downs or supermarkets without any hassles.


Plastic containers and crates have been used all along by a number of industries to enhance the supply process and ease transportation and storage. As premier plastic crates manufacturers, we at Nilkamal are dedicated to providing industries with the best quality plastic crates that are not only convenient to use but also durable and resilient. Click here to know more!



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